The site is designed for a company that is searching for job seekers, and laborers, that are in search of employment. ® facilitates the search by putting the employers, together with the "Members" (Job Seekers). Membership is FREE, and a member only needs to choose one, or more of the following categories, fill out a profile, and wait for an employer to reach out to the member.

The categories are: Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Maintenance, Structured Cabling, Carpentry, Landscaping and Security Installation.

When clicking on "Register", there will be required fields including trade categories for your to select. An employer looking for a particular tradesperson will review the profiles in his category, and make contact directly with you, the member.

It will be important for you to use the best contact information in order for the employer to reach you quickly, and directly. When you are contacted by an employer, you will be able to discuss such things as, job location, rate of pay per hour, or per day, and details of the job. You can add or remove your profile from the web site at any time. Each time you remove your profile, though, you will have to fill out a new profile for the category from which you removed yourself. Your profile will remain on until you remove it. ® has no responsibility for the authenticity of the employer, or the employer's job offer. ® has no knowledge of the employers expertise in their field, their reputation, or any other derogatory issues relating to their company's operation. ® has no connection with the wage offered, or the payment of those wages, and makes no representation that a job will be offered. The member submits his profile completely at his/her own risk, and ® assumes no liability, whatsoever, expressed or implied, for any event that occurs between the employer and the member, including the use of the ® web site.

We encourage anyone seeking employment, in any one of our trade categories to use the site. It's FREE, and there are employers out there who are looking to hire. Just click on "Register" and your off to a running start to find a job in your field.