The site is designed for a company that is in search of job seekers. In most cases, small to mid-size companies do not have the resources to perform projects that require more labor than the company has available to them. Getsubz.com ® facilitates the search for temporary workers needed to bid on, or complete a project. For a reasonable monthly fee, companies can sign up and have access to a labor base, specifically designed to accommodate the following trades: construction, electrical, plumbing, maintenance, structured cabling, landscaping, carpentry, and security installation.

How it works is the employer, after paying the monthly fee ($99.00), has access to the members (job seekers) data base. The data base has profiles of members (prospective job seekers) who want to work in a specific field, as a subcontractor, in a geographical area. The profiles also outlines the member's experience level and contact information.

The employer can review the profiles to determine who is available for his trade, and geographic location. The employer contacts the member directly, and all future correspondence is handled between the employer and the member.

Employers can also list themselves as members, at no additional cost. This is particularly important for employers who may not have enough of their own work to keep their companies functioning. Employers may switch back and forth between members and employers, as long as their monthly subscription fee is paid.

Employers may use Getsubz.com ® at any time as long as they subscribe for thirty (30) days intervals. Employers lapse after thirty (30) days, (29 days and 11 hours and 59 minutes). Renewal of the subscription can be made at any time using PayPal. Employers will not have any access to the member's data base if they are not current on their subscription.

Getsubz.com ® has no responsibility for the authenticity of the member's profile, and in no way claims any knowledge of the member as a person, including any derogatory issues relating to the member's character, experience or reputation.